Sunday, July 31, 2011

Popping the Blog Cherry! See what I did there?

Well, my friends.  It's time to pop the proverbial blog cherry.  You may call me Olive Oyl.  Why?  Because I am an EXTRA VIRGIN!  Cue rimshot here.  No but seriously folks, I am 23 years old and have never had intercourse.  I have experienced a handful of other miscellaneous sex acts here and there but still consider myself very much a virgin.

I grew up in a strict Presbyterian household.  I was told that God had a plan for my life and had already hand-picked my future spouse.  Naturally, pre-marital sex would be cheating on said spouse.  Obviously, I don't feel that way anymore but this viewpoint dominated my psyche until I turned 18 and met my first boyfriend.  Unfortunately, at that point I still had so much anxiety regarding sex that I was unable to "do the deed" and ended up leaving the poor guy.  Ever since then, I have just had a hard time coming to terms with how I feel about sex and my virginity.  I am not bad looking, overweight, or crazy.  I have no history of abuse or any psychological problems.  I'm quite a catch actually!  This is just the hand I've been dealt.

At the ripe age of 23, I finally feel ready to take the plunge if ya know what I mean.  So I'm going to do something totally crazy.  I am going to come to grips with my sexuality on the internet and allow complete strangers to read it.  At the very least, maybe I'll help some other lonely and "too old" virgin realize that she's not alone.